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Empowering Tourette


Mission of Tic

To aid people with TS become increasingly aware of what affects them and empower them to begin to take steps forward to manage the disease.

What is Tic?

Tic is an app designed to provide empowerment to people with Tourette Syndrome. Tic involves three main components; personal tracking, personal progress, and community discussion. Users are given the ability to identify and track possible triggers, eventually helping them to better manage the disease. Users can select from existing triggers in nutrition, fitness, mood, environment, and sleep patterns. In addition, they have the ability to personalize the app, adding their own triggers. Tic is designed to help patients with TS make sense of the overwhelming number of things that affect their tics. It will serve as a resource for people to begin to further understand the disease and what they can do to control it.

Tic is designed to allow users to manage their Tourette Syndrome through personal awareness only. It is not intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.